IMU 091: How To Break Free From a Negative Generational Mindset With Mercedes Torres

Do you know how to break free from the negative mindset, negative generational ideas that are holding you back? For you, what does it look like to have an inner drive? Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?  If so, how can you use that to your advantage? Family comes first for Mercedes…

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turn weakness-into-strength

IMU 087: How to Turn Your Weakness Into Your Superpower With Dwan Bent-Twyford

Do you know you can turn your weakness into strength or as I’d like to call it, turn your weakness into your superpower?  Do you have a weakness that you don’t like about yourself? Do you spend so much time thinking about starting a project that you never actually get started?  If so, check out…

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IMU 079: How Alex Pardo, a Wholesaler, Reinvented His Business & Regained His Passion

What do you truly want from life? How do you find your true identity? What is it like to reinvent yourself after finding tremendous success? This is Alex Pardo’s second podcast with me, and I’m so excited to share about the next step in his journey. As a successful real estate wholesaler with over $40,000…

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