turn weakness-into-strength

Do you know you can turn your weakness into strength or as I’d like to call it, turn your weakness into your superpower? 

Do you have a weakness that you don’t like about yourself?

Do you spend so much time thinking about starting a project that you never actually get started? 

If so, check out this episode because this episode answers those questions.  More importantly, it deals with the limiting beliefs around your weaknesses. 

So, the question is…

Are you ready to smash some self-limiting beliefs today?

When Dwan Bent-Twyford heard about real estate for the first time, she thought it meant that she’d go around buying houses and redecorating them.

Imagine her surprise when she found herself doing all of the tiling, painting, landscaping, and everything else she had to do to get the house ready for sale.

As a single mom with an ex-husband in jail, she had one thing on her mind: providing for her daughter without putting her in daycare. 

Dwan didn’t have enough knowledge when she started in real estate investing to realize what she didn’t know. She just figured out the first step she needed to take, and then she figured out the next step when she got to that point.

She simply didn’t have time to get paralyzed by the whole process of real estate investing. She wants you to know that if you spend so much time prepping that you never actually do anything, then you’re getting lost in the details. 

On her first flip, Dwan made $22,000, and she never wanted to go back to a regular job. And she wanted to teach other people to do what she did too.

But breaking into the boys’ club was a huge boundary. She was one of the only women in the real estate industry, and she couldn’t get them to take her seriously even though she was doing more deals than they were and giving speeches every month at Real Estate Associations.

We have so many limiting beliefs around talking in life. 

We might worry, “What if people don’t understand me?”

Because so much of Dwan’s job is all about talking to people, she has some advice for anyone worried about a language barrier. Dwan and I have known each other for a decade, and she talks about how powerful it was when I embraced what I consider a weakness. 

What’s Inside:

  • How to Brand Yourself with your weakness and how it can be a tool to make people like you and work with you.
  • Breaking through the good old boys’ club in real estate investing made Dwan focus hard on the unique spin she brought to the table. 
  • As Dwan coached other investing students, listen carefully to how she helped one of them overcome their language barrier.
  • How one of her clients turned her weakness into strength and how it resulted in a real estate deal.   
  • plus much more…

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