Do you need to access the equity in your home? What if you could access your home’s equity without going into more debt?  And what if that new tool was NOT a HELOC or a reverse mortgage?

Are you house rich and cash poor?

Are you looking for capital to start a new business?

The traditional way for homeowners to unlock their home equity was to go to the bank and borrow that money. So even though a homeowner had a hard asset, they still had to borrow money to access the cash value in their home. Matthew Sullivan solves real problems for homeowners with his company QuantumRE that helps them unlock their equity. This is not a HELOC, a loan, or a reverse mortgage. It’s a new financing tool that can potentially free up the $83 trillion that Americans have locked in their home assets.

QuantmRE is an option agreement as a lien on the title. Nothing happens until you sell the home, refinance, or decide to end the agreement. This is not a debt product, and both parties have some risk. If the house collapses in value, then Matthew’s company risks losing the amount they loaned to you, but if the house increases in value, you can pay back the option. There’s no monthly cash payment, no interest, or rent, and the homeowner is still on the title. 

As a Brit, Matthew has set up businesses in India and Australia, but setting up a business in the United States has been one of the most exciting experiences for him. Each country has its own rules, and this can apply to the different regions of the U.S. A lot of business can be done on a handshake in the U.S. because they do still appreciate that sort of man-to-man business agreements. 

For English-speaking immigrants; Matthew says that you shouldn’t assume that just because you speak the same language, that the culture is the same.

There are 50 different rules, laws, and regulations, plus cultures all across America! Research your market before you create a business. Ask yourself: Is this going to work? Is this actually going to be beneficial? And then jump into the land of opportunity.

What’s Inside:

  • Why Matthew says that you should find a decent business and allow it to grow with you.
  • How Matthew’s financial product helps you access the money hiding in your home.  Listen carefully as this is not a HELOC or a reverse mortgage.  
  • If you want a daily rebirth that won’t happen by itself; Listen to Matthew’s advice for embracing every new day.
  • Cultural differences may be small for immigrants from English-speaking countries, but ignoring them completely may mean that you miss some opportunities for entrepreneurship.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DominateNet LLC dba Immigrant Masters Unite and Polish Peter are not responsible for the financial risks you may incur from this episode.  We are not a financial company and do not advise on financial areas of your life.  This is 100% purely for educational purposes and it is your responsibility to make sure this strategy works for you.  Contact Matthew and his team to discuss your options.

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