IMU 093: From ESL Teacher
to Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Have you ever had to change careers? How easy was that for you? How much of your mindset did you have to change when you changed careers? Have you ever had to change careers? How easy was that for you? How much of your mindset did you have to change when you changed careers? A…

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IMU 092: How To Start a Business Using the Equity In Your Home, Without Going Into Debt & Without Using a HELOC Or a Reverse Mortgage Strategies.

Do you need to access the equity in your home? What if you could access your home’s equity without going into more debt?  And what if that new tool was NOT a HELOC or a reverse mortgage? Are you house rich and cash poor? Are you looking for capital to start a new business? The…

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IMU 091: How To Break Free From a Negative Generational Mindset With Mercedes Torres

Do you know how to break free from the negative mindset, negative generational ideas that are holding you back? For you, what does it look like to have an inner drive? Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?  If so, how can you use that to your advantage? Family comes first for Mercedes…

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IMU 090: How to Convert More Clients with Interactive Virtual Events by Miroslav Beck

How confident do you feel about hosting or presenting in virtual events? Do you think a virtual conference should cost more or less than an in-person event? Were you caught unprepared by the pivot into Zoom meetings last year? No matter what industry you’re in, last year completely changed how businesses reach customers. Virtual events…

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IMU 088: How To Turn Your Failures Into a Core Company Values.

What if I told you that failure is where the magic happens? How can you fail and find the courage to get back up and try again? What if you turned failures into core company values? Amir Erez is an Israeli-American immigrant who runs a seven-figure real estate business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he…

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turn weakness-into-strength

IMU 087: How to Turn Your Weakness Into Your Superpower With Dwan Bent-Twyford

Do you know you can turn your weakness into strength or as I’d like to call it, turn your weakness into your superpower?  Do you have a weakness that you don’t like about yourself? Do you spend so much time thinking about starting a project that you never actually get started?  If so, check out…

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IMU 084: How the Radical Act of Kindness Can Change Your Life with Nathan Caldwell

Are you worried that embracing kindness will turn you into a doormat? How do you deal with hate when you encounter it? How do you create a culture of kindness in your business? As the author of Empowering Kindness, Canadian immigrant Nathan Caldwell has a powerful message that will change your life. Known as “The…

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Real Estate Investing Moms

IMU 082: Real Estate Investing for Stay at Home Moms with Anne Hillyard

Do you worry that your accent will hold you back from success? Have you ever wanted to stay home with your children, but you also needed to work? Have you wanted to invest in real estate, but you don’t know how to get started? The drive for entrepreneurship was already in her family, so after…

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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Real Case Study

IMU 081: A Passion for Turning Dreams Into Reality with Simone Severo from Brazil

If you’ve lost your dream, how do you regain it? How do you make the impossible possible in your life? What if everyone around you thought your dreams were too big and crazy? I have such a story-driven inspiring episode for you today because Simone Severo has an amazing story about her immigration from Brazil.…

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IMU 080: The 3 Traits of Every Wildly Successful Immigrant Entrepreneur

What kind of mindset does an immigrant need to succeed in the United States? What if I told you that you already have all of the skills and talents you need to succeed? And what does your life look like when you create something bigger than yourself? Success in America seemed like a wild dream…

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