Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Real Case Study

If you’ve lost your dream, how do you regain it?

How do you make the impossible possible in your life?

What if everyone around you thought your dreams were too big and crazy?

I have such a story-driven inspiring episode for you today because Simone Severo has an amazing story about her immigration from Brazil.

When she was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to make it to America some day, but she was surrounded by a culture that wanted her to stick to the status quo.

Consequently, she felt completely out of place as she spent her free time studying English and learning about America so that she could make her dreams happen.

When someone told Simone “No,”, what she heard in her head was “No, but…” because she didn’t want to accept the word “No”.

That refusal to hear the word “No” meant that she could be flexible about the different paths to take to America as long as each path took her one step closer to her goal of immigration.

It eventually took her 32 years to get to America, but the timing didn’t matter to her.

Simone always wanted to be a photographer, but she quickly realized in the early days of the internet that digital photography was going to be the next big thing.

As she worked to build her business, she challenged herself to take a portrait picture every single day of the year. She spent about 1,500 hours working on this one project and after that, she realized that she could do nearly any kind of photography. 

I loved talking with Simone and hearing about her zest for life. She radiates fun and passion, and her portraitures are truly works of art.

I hope that you’ll be inspired by her determination, excitement, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Simone was able to break free of the parts of her culture that wanted to hold her back.
  • How Simone honed her craft of digital photography by challenging herself.
  • Why being more focused on “what” she was going to do was more important than “how” she was going to do it.
  • plus much, much more…

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