What kind of mindset does an immigrant need to succeed in the United States?

What if I told you that you already have all of the skills and talents you need to succeed?

And what does your life look like when you create something bigger than yourself?

Success in America seemed like a wild dream to Carlos Reyes when he was growing up in Mexico. He came from very humble beginnings, and survival mode was a way of life for him.

As a child, he shared a bed with his grandparents, and his shower was a bucket outside. But Carlos credits his childhood experiences for helping him become so successful.

Even as a child, he was interested in entrepreneurship. He started his first joint venture as a child by joining with a friend’s mom and selling her Mexican bread door to door.

When his mother immigrated illegally to America, he continued helping the family out until she helped to bring him over the border. 

When Carlos first came to America, he thought his dreams were big. And he really thought he’d made it when he landed his first corporate job making $70,000 a year.

Today, Carlos is a legal US citizen who owns over 25 businesses, and seven of his businesses are grossing 7 figures a year. He started with no money, but he had tons of heart, commitment, and a work ethic.

He wants every immigrant to stop dreaming so small. Immigrants will happily put in 10-15 hour days for their families, but Carlos wants them to dream even bigger. 

God and family are at the core of Carlos’s life, and you can really hear his passion for serving others as he talks about his businesses. He sees his success as a tool for him to help other people.

If there’s one thing he wants every immigrant to know, it’s this:

“Change your mindset or else you will continue to pass down the generational financial curses we’ve all inherited.”  

Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Why immigrants have all of the best traits for entrepreneurial success. 
  • How Carlos’s faith shapes the core values of his company.
  • The #1 mistake that Carlos sees immigrants make again and again.
  • How adversity made Carlos into a better entrepreneur.

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