Do you know how to break free from the negative mindset, negative generational ideas that are holding you back?

For you, what does it look like to have an inner drive?

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?  If so, how can you use that to your advantage?

Family comes first for Mercedes Torres. She was born in Los Angeles to a Mexican mother and Puerto Rican father, but was raised in Puerto Rico.

Her family frequently moved around between the three countries, and Mercedes struggled to have a sense of belonging as she was always labeled the “outsider”.

Even within her own family, the age gap between Mercedes and her siblings made her feel like she didn’t quite fit within her own family.

Here’s the thing… Mercedes’s parents were hardworking, but they were always poor.

Now, Mercedes loved her family, but she didn’t want to live her entire life poor. She knew that she would need to get her information and education from a different source than her family. That’s when she left home, determined to make it on her own.

Today, Mercedes has a real estate education company where she teaches others to either invest in real estate or do it for them with a turnkey operation.

In her first year in real estate, she flipped over 24 properties, and after 16 years, she’s bought, sold, and rented out thousands of properties.

Mercedes says, “When you come into my world, there is no ceiling.” To her, personal growth is a never-ending quest to be a better version of yourself.

She’s built a community around herself that pushes her to live her best life on her own terms.

So, the question is…

Do you know how to get that drive?  How to live with no- ceiling?  More importantly, do you need a strong “why” to get things accomplished?

Mercedes says yes, but also no. A strong “why” can get you up and going every day, but you need one more key element to watch your success skyrocket which we share in this episode. I love Mercedes’s positive mindset that you can just hear through this episode. If you’re interested in real estate investing, whether it’s buying fully renovated turnkey investments or creating turnkey investments for yourself, Mercedes would love to connect with you.

What’s Inside this episode:

  • How Mercedes nearly lost everything when she lost the person who was the linchpin to her business’s success and the HUGE lesson she learned from that part of her life.
  • Mercedes explains that when you grow up poor, you hear generational advice that can keep you poor. She tells how she broke that cycle of advice and how you can too.
  • Community is whatever you create, but Mercedes believes that you should create it to empower others. Learn how to create empowering communities around you. 
  • plus much, much more…

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