IMU 088: How To Turn Your Failures Into a Core Company Values.

What if I told you that failure is where the magic happens? How can you fail and find the courage to get back up and try again? What if you turned failures into core company values? Amir Erez is an Israeli-American immigrant who runs a seven-figure real estate business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he…

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IMU 034: How a Polish Immigrant Used His
5C Method To Build a 7 Figure Business
With Only $194 in His Pocket!”

What if I told you that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business? What if I told you that your only “real” limitations for starting and creating a 7 figure business are between your 2 ears? Hey, this is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 34 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  On…

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IMU 028: How Anthony Amos Built a $10 Million/yr Franchise, Became Friends with Kevin Harrington & Got On Larry King Live!

  What if you could walk into a room with 100 other people and walk out of there being remembered for years?  And what if in that room, you could create a lasting relationship with the keynote speakers and the well known people in your industry? If that’s something that interests you, then you have…

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IMU 015: Interview Turned Case Study – How To Revive an Existing Business Using Your Clients, Exclusivity & Parties!

This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 15 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, I have an interesting interview turned case study.  When you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear me interview 2 brothers Adrian and Arley Smude whose father immigrated to United States from Argentina.  Right now they own a handcrafted wrought iron, garden…

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