What if I told you that failure is where the magic happens?

How can you fail and find the courage to get back up and try again?

What if you turned failures into core company values?

Amir Erez is an Israeli-American immigrant who runs a seven-figure real estate business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he arrived in the U.S. in 2006 with $365, he rolled up his sleeves and worked every job you can think of until he decided to get into real estate in 2012.

Today Amir is the CEO and co-founder of Fair Deal Home Buyers, a wholesaling and flipping company that purchased 140 homes in 2020. 

If you’re an immigrant, you actually have an advantage in the land of opportunity. You’re willing to work harder than the average Joe, and when you fail, you’re going to be able to get up and keep going.

Your “why” that drives you will help you keep your promises to yourself.

Amir and I had an amazing conversation about what to do when you fail. Failure is inevitable, but it’s still surprising for many of us, and it makes us second guess our choices.

And quite frankly, it can be discouraging. For Amir, personal growth was directly tied to all of those times when he failed. He saw his resilience built up as he got up, dusted himself off, and tried again. 

Hiring employees that match your company culture will require more than just hoping you pick the right resume off of the stack on your desk.

Amir has been very careful about finding just the right employees, and he shares how he builds his company culture by making decisions around his core values, and why failure can be a core value.

Listen, it’s not the big, sweeping actions that drive success; it’s the small, daily things that add up over time that lead to success. Even failure is a chance to fail forward, says Amir.

Focusing on the goal and your ultimate “why” is going to help you get back up again.

Here’s what’s inside this episode:

  • How to hire people that match your core values. 
  • Behind the scenes of a seven-figure businessman’s life. 
  • Answer to the question… when you fail, how do you decide that it’s time to try something new?
  • What Amir’s favorite failure is, and how it changed his point of view.
  • plus much, much more…

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