Have you ever had to change careers?

How easy was that for you?

How much of your mindset did you have to change when you changed careers?

Have you ever had to change careers? How easy was that for you? How much of your mindset did you have to change when you changed careers?

A Canadian-Filipino, Dave Greig from Grow With 1st Class has been involved with two successful real estate startups. But when he first immigrated to the U.S., he found that his Canadian degree and his English teaching experience were considered worthless. His American-born wife had to work and support the family because all of his skills didn’t translate to the American job sector. 

Dave credits Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Bible for being the two most influential books in his life. There’s no such thing as luck, he says. When an opportunity comes along, you should jump at it. That’s why he jumped in feet first to a job opportunity his Realtor friend suggested to him. He still honors his English teaching background by approaching his sales career just like a teacher. He works to figure out what a person needs before he finds a solution for their problem. And he just doesn’t care for the hard sell because that doesn’t fit in with his teacher mentality.

As you were growing up, you absorbed certain lessons about money, and not all of those lessons were good. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil”. For Dave, unlearning his money beliefs helped him break through the mental barrier he’d put in front of his success. He realized that if he was wealthy, he could provide jobs, give back to his community, and donate to charity.

This was such a great conversation with Dave Greig. I truly believe that breakthroughs can happen in just one conversation with a mentor who can help you see patterns and goals that you might miss on your own. I would love to help guide you through that journey. Let’s connect at 1ConversationAway.com

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of coaches and mentors, especially as you transition to a new career like Dave did.
  • How Dave worked through his money mindset to unlock his earning potential.
  • Why Dave accepted a demotion, and what you can learn from his humble realization of where his strengths lie.

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