Have you ever heard of the terms upper cervical care, upper cervical adjustment, or atlas bone adjustment?

Do you have health problems such as gut problems, headaches, migraines, stomach issues, neck pains, sinuses, different pains in your body?

Are you popping pills trying to fix one problem, and then two more issues crop up?

What if I told you that you could adjust just ONE BONE in your entire body and improve your body’s health? 

Don’t believe me?  Then listen to this episode and remember this phrase: Atlas bone.

When the brain and body aren’t connected, health problems start to manifest in your body in different ways. For Dr. Eddie Weller, it showed up as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Here’s the thing…

Every nerve in the whole body meets at the base of your skull, and if there’s pressure on that nerve center, it “dims” the messages your brain is sending to the rest of the body. When Dr. Weller’s brain and body were reconnected after he received an upper cervical care adjustment, his IBS disappeared. 

For 22 years, Dr. Eddie Weller has been adjusting patients, and he is so passionate about helping patients get well again. He sees his jobs as true healthcare because to him, chiropractic care is about giving your body the best chance to succeed

Dr. Weller is also passionate about helping others. During the pandemic, he was friended on social media by a fellow young Christian man from Pakistan.

After he learned about young children being kidnapped and sold into modern-day slavery, he felt inspired to change lives in Pakistan.

Today, he’s working on building a home for orphaned children in Pakistan while purchasing them out of slavery so that they can live normal lives.

He connects with these children weekly on virtual phone calls, and he is raising money to increase the impact of his project.

If you feel moved to donate to Dr. Weller, it doesn’t take much. For only $20, you can feed 20 children a month or you can donate to his school project.

Check out his website Chalk to Clay for more information.

Here’s what’s inside this episode:

  • What Dr. Weller means when he says, “If the body can grow into a problem, then the body can grow out of a problem”.
  • How the phones are affecting our posture and our health.
  • How to fix the majority of our health problems by adjusting a single bone in your body.
  • How you can be involved in Dr. Weller’s rescue mission for children who are being trafficked in Pakistan.
  • plus much, much more…

Mentioned in this Episode:

If you would like to donate to the ChalktoClay to help eliminate modern-day child slavery, you can send an email to info@gettingweller.com or call 636-527-3015.  



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