How confident do you feel about hosting or presenting in virtual events?

Do you think a virtual conference should cost more or less than an in-person event?

Were you caught unprepared by the pivot into Zoom meetings last year?

No matter what industry you’re in, last year completely changed how businesses reach customers. Virtual events are here to stay, and if you’re not ready for this pivot, your business is going to miss out.

Miroslav Beck from the Czech Republic runs Overnight Success Studios, an AV company that provides technical support for companies who are running a live event. 

Pre-COVID, Mira’s company did 80 events a year, but like many of you, he’s had to adjust to COVID and learn to run events for a completely remote audience.

If Tony Robbins is the picture in your mind when you think of a well-produced show, then you might feel intimidated by the amount of work that goes into a virtual event.

But Mira wants you to know that you don’t need to spend that kind of money to still give your audience a great experience.

On the lowest level, you can just sit on Zoom and deliver your information. For a paid event, or even if you’re just interested in impressing your audience, Mira has advice for how you can convert more clients by:

  • Training your audience on the technology
  • Personalizing the environment behind you
  • Creating a brand with your background
  • Adjusting the traditional format to fit people’s attention spans
  • Investing in better audiovisual equipment

Mira loves what he does, and he believes that businesses that adapt to virtual networking are going to outperform those who are stuck in the 2010s.

If you’d like more information about how you can give better virtual presentations, Mira would love to connect with you. Send him an email at

What’s Inside:

  • Why you need to pre-frame your conference to get better engagement in your conference or event. 
  • How and why you should still send swag for a virtual event. 
  • The bare minimum of equipment you need to put on a virtual conference, and what to upgrade first when you’re ready to spend some money.
  • Miroslav’s advice for entrepreneurs who are new to the American way of entrepreneurship. 
  • As a first-generation American, Mira wants his kids to have a better launching platform, but he wants to do it in a smart way.

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