IMU 077: How to Use Crowdfunding to Launch a Start-Up with Adam Klosowiak

How would you like to learn a strategy that will help you get your product out there, even if you have no money to produce it? How can you use crowdfunding to build your company? What do you do when you don’t have the money to launch your product? You’ve got a problem. Now, every…

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IMU 076: Immigrants Take On Hollywood – Daisi Pollard Sepulveda

What does it take to make it as an immigrant in Hollywood? How can someone who doesn’t fit into traditional molds break into modeling? As an immigrant, what is considered a respectable career? Do you have to be a lawyer, an accountant, or something safe because you’re a first generation American and you have that…

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IMU 075: How to Achieve Happiness and Inner Peace with Shervin Hojat

What makes us act in certain ways? How can you change the circumstances around you? Where can you find lasting happiness? And what does happiness have to do with your past? Shervin Hojat came to the US from Iran when he was 17. He got a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science because that…

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IMU 074: How Opportunities Grow On Trees in America – by Andrew Samuel

Do opportunities still exist in America? Do you sometimes feel like there’s no room for success for you, your life or your business because of how difficult things are or have been? Whether it’s in life or your business, adversity isn’t unique to one person…everyone and every business has those moments. The question is: What…

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IMU 071: Entrepreneurial Mindset – How to Grow a Business That Inspires You

Nathan Amaral is a second generation immigrant from Portugal, and he caught the entrepreneurial bug early from his dad. Growing up in the family bakery, Nathan’s parents made him learn how to do everything, including grease the bread machines. Nathan’s dad used the family bakery like a university to instill good business habits early on.…

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