DACA recipient success

What if growing up in the U.S, you assumed that you could grow up and have the American dream, just to find out that you couldn’t legally work, drive, or take out loans in America?

Do you know how the DACA program works for children of illegal immigrants?

Diego Corzo came to the United States when he was 9 years old. When he was 15 and went to apply for a driver’s license and discovered that he did not have papers to be here legally.

So everything that he assumed he’d be able to do just like every other American teen got turned on its head. He was worried that he would get shut out of a lot of traditional opportunities.

As the oldest grandchild and a first generation immigrant, Diego felt a lot of responsibility to lead by example. Not only did he have to learn English, but he also struggled to speak through a stutter. And of course, companies could not pay him legally and he couldn’t take out any student loans. 

When you hear Diego talk, you can really hear how positive and upbeat he is about his life. One reason for this is his mindset.

Instead of focusing on “Why is this happening TO me?”, Diego framed his circumstances around “Why is this happening FOR me?”

Even though companies couldn’t pay him, he could form an LLC with a friend, and receive payment through that LLC. He constantly looked for ways around all of the limitations placed on him by his immigration status.  

When you change your mindset about what’s happening for you rather than to you, you’ll be able to experience a significant impact on your life.

Today, Diego is a Realtor in Austin, TX, and he is on his way to financial independence with 15 rentals. If you’re looking for a house or you’d love to connect with a fellow millennial, you can email Diego on his website. 

Here’s what you’ll Learn on this episode:

  • How Diego worked around the limitations put on him by his immigration status.
  • Graduating from college with no debt took tremendous sacrifice, especially since Diego couldn’t take out student loans.
  • Why Diego used his story and his voice to testify in Congress. 
  • Diego’s mission to help Millennials achieve their true potential and financial independence.
  • plus much more…

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