Nathan Amaral is a second generation immigrant from Portugal, and he caught the entrepreneurial bug early from his dad. Growing up in the family bakery, Nathan’s parents made him learn how to do everything, including grease the bread machines. Nathan’s dad used the family bakery like a university to instill good business habits early on.

You could say that Nathan is passionate about the entrepreneurial journey; he currently owns 10 businesses! And he is passionate about the entrepreneurial mindset. He’s able to share some of the best ways of growing a business because he’s done it again and again, and he knows what works and what doesn’t. 

When it comes to being a millionaire, you need clarity, confidence, and cash flow. But most of all, you need to let go of your fear mindset. Nathan shares how a limiting belief can really hold you back. In fact, it can not only hold you back, it can put you into a pattern with employees or your business that sabotages your own progress if you don’t recognize how your beliefs are holding you back.

If you’re too focused on not burning bridges behind you, you might actually be keeping too many options for yourself. You have to remove distractions by saying “No” more often. Nathan talks about how to gain clarity and confidence by aligning yourself with your vision. 

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What’s Inside:

  • The role that a brand plays in entrepreneurship.
  • How focusing on your passion can help you succeed faster.
  • Why saying “No” more often made Nathan more money.
  • Why every business is in marketing and sales.
  • Nathan’s amazing advice about changing your fear mindset.

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