What does it take to make it as an immigrant in Hollywood?

How can someone who doesn’t fit into traditional molds break into modeling?

As an immigrant, what is considered a respectable career?

Do you have to be a lawyer, an accountant, or something safe because you’re a first generation American and you have that expectation on you?

Daisi Pollard Sepulveda can be compared to an ‘80s supermodel meets Devil Wears Prada with Ashley Graham confidence. With Jamaican, Jewish, and African-American heritage, she has a fusion of culture to choose, so she doesn’t see just one thing that influences her life.

Modeling and beauty pageants shaped the beginning of Daisi’s career, and she’s represented famous brands like Sephora, Fiverr.com, and Makeup Forever.

But today she works with young talent to help empower them in a way that she didn’t have as she broke through barriers as a young girl. As a woman of color in this country, Daisi did not experience positive affirmation about what she wanted to do and she wants to change that.

In modeling, when a scout or modeling agency wants to put a girl in a box for the kind of work she can do, Daisi wants to wreck that box. She wants to empower girls to say “No” to work that isn’t what they want to do.

It’s a different kind of industry and other people’s opinion about what you look like is going to have an effect on your career, whether that’s negative or positive. 

Speaking about Hollywood, Daisi has some encouraging words for the invisible barriers we think are there.

While it might seem like Hollywood is the ultimate American institution, there are a ton of people in Hollywood who are not American.

Because the Hollywood brand claims them, you forget that their origins are not American. Sometimes when you sit in an audience and watch the actors up on the silver screen, you forget that they started somewhere small too. 

If you want to connect with Daisi about acting or modeling advice, you can email her at: info (at) daisipollard.com.  

On this powerful episode, you’ll Learn:

  • Why Daisi’s path into modeling was successful because of what she didn’t know.
  • How immigrants have always played a huge part in Hollywood, and why that can work toward their advantage.
  • How people’s opinions can derail your career in the modeling and acting world.
  • Why focusing on the “Tom Cruise” opportunity will make you miss the opportunities in front of you.

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