What makes us act in certain ways?

How can you change the circumstances around you?

Where can you find lasting happiness? And what does happiness have to do with your past?

Shervin Hojat came to the US from Iran when he was 17. He got a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science because that was something that was expected of him.  Sound familiar?

But then he decided that he wanted to take an entirely different path. After Shervin’s father died unexpectedly in 2006, he realized that waiting until you retire to live life on your own terms was too long to wait.

We spend a lot of time avoiding experiences that we think are bad, but these experiences help us feel the whole gamut of human existence.

And yet, bad experiences can also hold us back from enjoying the present. Shervin wants you to live in the moment so that you can be more effective and make better decisions. 

On Shervin’s journey of personal discovery, he’s discovered the benefits of meditation, forgiveness, and nature in helping him peel back the layers of why he acts in certain ways.

On this episode, Shervin walks you through an exercise for how a person can take a moment and reframe their point of view.

Most of the time, 90% of the things we do are done subconsciously, and it takes some effort to become aware of your actions and the reasons behind them. Shervin describes it like peeling an onion; each layer peeled back exposes truer happiness. 

For more on this amazing topic of finding true happiness through personal discovery, you can check out both of Shervin’s books, or contact him through his email: shervinhojat (at) gmail.com. 

You can also connect with him on Facebook or his website.

On this episode, you’ll Learn:

  • One little exercise that can literally change your energy and your mindset. 
  • How to let go of the past and reclaim your present.
  • Shervin’s meditation routine that you can use to reclaim some quiet in your mind.
  • How the journey of forgiveness is a reflection of yourself.

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