Are you worried that embracing kindness will turn you into a doormat?

How do you deal with hate when you encounter it?

How do you create a culture of kindness in your business?

As the author of Empowering Kindness, Canadian immigrant Nathan Caldwell has a powerful message that will change your life.

Known as “The Culture Evangelist” for a $1.2 billion dollar software company, Nathan has helped coach countless people to find their passion and inspire them to be great.

In his best-selling book, Nathan shares a new approach to understanding and building a company culture that people will love

Kindness for the wrong reasons will give us zero benefits. But if you come from a pure standpoint and truly want to help others, kind acts can radically change your physical and mental health.

In fact, how you approach your place in what you’re doing can change your attitude about the work you do.

Nathan compares this to two men laying bricks for a building. For one man, it’s just work. For the second man, fixing his eyes on the cathedral that he’s building lifts him up past his every day cares. 

Nathan cautions that kindness doesn’t equate to weakness. Sometimes, figuring out how to help someone is going to result in a little tough love.

True kindness isn’t about saying yes to every request that people make of you.  As you build a lifetime of acts of service, you’ll start to recognize how to strike that balance between kindness and tough love. 

I really believe that God created us for good works, and I love Nathan’s message about changing the world by changing the culture around you. Be sure and check out Nathan’s book or connect with him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What’s inside this episode:

  • How the culture of kindness at Disney World has led to real life acts of service and love that have changed patrons’ lives forever. 
  • What are the antidotes to bullying and hate and how can we teach our children about fighting against them?
  • Why even your body knows whether your intentions are good or not when you engage in kindness.
  • plus much more…

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