Are you going through a tough time right now?

When you find yourself going through a difficult time, how do you cope with everything in your life?

Do you turn toward faith or a belief in a higher power?

Today’s amazing conversation is with Andrew Kim, my teaching pastor at Kensington Church located in Troy, Michigan. I think that Andrew’s parents’ journey to Detroit from South Korea by way of Vancouver is a beautiful story of faith, resilience, and grit.

When Andrew’s parents came to Vancouver for school, they anticipated building a better life for their family together. But Andrew’s father got sick and died, and Andrew’s mom needed to make a choice for how to move the family forward. 

Andrew’s mom told him over and over again how God showed up for her in her lowest moments. Through her lens and her perception, it was God every time that brought her out of every terrible situation.

When she opened up a flower shop in downtown Vancouver, she did it so that she could stay in Canada and build a better life for her kids. 

As a teaching pastor, Andrew is able to sit with people as they deal with difficult transitions. He shares some of his thoughts on how perception can shape the events we see around us.

Andrew talks about living in reality and that has to do with your mindset while accepting what’s real around you. The way that we see will determine our course of action, but sometimes our perception is incorrect. 

When God gives us blessings, he doesn’t intend for the blessings to stop with us. Instead, Andrew says, we should think of ourselves as the conduits for the blessings as we allow them to flow through us. We’re meant to impact the world around us.

This conversation was an amazing way to take hold of hope again. If you’d like some personal encouragement, you can connect with Andrew on Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s what’s inside this episode:

  • How to get through something terrible when you have no idea when it will end.
  • The lessons Andrew learned from his mom, a first-generation immigrant who owned a flower shop in downtown Vancouver, BC.
  • How the faith that sustained both of Andrew’s parents has also shaped his own career and family life. 
  • How to keep getting up when life seems to knock you down, over and over again.
  • plus much, much more…

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