Are you struggling with finding your purpose in your life?

Are you struggling with uncertainty and looking for peace of mind in your life?

As you work and study, how do you find the REAL, authentic genuine you?

These are the questions that we will answer in this episode.

I think you’re going to love hearing from this amazing woman because she is so enthusiastic about helping people identify their true purpose and move forward with confidence.

Doc Peace Uche, a Nigerian immigrant, became a doctor of pharmacy and then realized that she wanted a career that felt more authentic for her true self.

That’s when she became a Transformational Rhythmic Speaker and wrote doc.Peace of Mind Method: A Poetic Guide to Living Your Best Life.”

Here’s the problem…

Most people will create a goal and then take some steps towards their goal…

but they won’t take the right steps.

Doc Peace works with clients to help them connect their actions with their goals, and to do that, she uses this simple acronym “G.O.L.D.” to define the 4 steps they need to take:

G- Genuine

O- Original

L- Loving

D– Dreamer

Here’s the deal…

If you don’t know how to achieve something, then you’re going to walk around in a confused state just hoping you eventually stumble upon your goal.

One solution is to reach out to a mentor or someone just ahead of you in your journey, someone who has been there and succeeded in what you are going after.  This is by far, one of the most effective ways to shorten your journey to finding your true passion.

Listen, do you have a weakness that you feel is holding you back?

We all do, right? 

For Doc Peace, it was her lisp. For me, it was my accent. 

Doc Peace believes that embracing who you are will free you from concern about your perceived limitations. She herself overcame a lisp to become a paid public speaker.

As you become open and vulnerable about your own challenges, she says that you’ll step more fully into your authentic self. 

I loved this conversation with Doc Peace because it was so hopeful and positive.

If you’d like to have a discovery call with her, you can text GOLD to 619-363-5490 to set up a time to talk. Even if you’re not ready for a discovery call, she’s offering a free gift with a $100 value to help my listeners with self-affirmations. 

So, here’s what’s inside this power-packed episode:

  • Doc Peace shares the “Get it going” mantra that has been at the center of her family’s life story for generations.
  • No one else can do the exact same thing you do in the exact same way. 
  • When you try to maximize yourself, you’re giving yourself permission to shine. 
  • 4 steps of the G.O.L.D. method and how to apply it in your own life.
  • plus much, much more…

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