Step 2 of 2: Immigrant Masters Unite Invitation Application

Please fill out the entire form completely.  Peter Kolat will review the application himself.  We will contact you at the email/phone number you submit here to schedule a 30 minute consultation call with Peter to make sure that you, Peter Kolat and Immigrant Masters Unite are a great fit.  The call with most likely be shorter than that but we want to give you enough time to get some coaching and have any questions you might have, answered!

We want to make sure this is a win-win-win situation for everyone and that ALL "IMMIGRANT MASTERS" inside the mastermind are like minded people who will not only grow their businesses and lives but will continuously give back to the mastermind and the community.

Note:  This application does not obligate you to do anything until mutually agreed upon.  Also, all information shared here is 100% confidential. 

Please upload your CV in PDF format.