In this first EVER Immigrant Masters Unite, Peter Kolat, better known as “Polish Peter” shares with you some insights, specifically:

  • Who is Polish Peter and why you should listen to him.  This first episode will give you insights into how you, as an immigrant, can greatly benefit from who YOU are!
  • The story, the struggles and the victories that ultimately resulted in making of Immigrant Masters Unite.  How this 14 year old Polish kid who did not speak any English used his background to become successful and how you can duplicate it for yourself.  (i.e. Am I Polish and polish => (act of polishing)? lol
  • The biggest AHA’s and the defining moments that shape him and how YOU can use this philosophy to your own advantage to learn the REAL you so you can use that to your own advantage.

So, listen to this first podcast right now and post your questions, comments, insights below.  More importantly, post your own story, where you came from, who you are, why you are doing what you are doing and so forth. Be open and have fun!

Polish Peter

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Polish Peter
Polish Peter

Polish Peter, Dad of 3 Rockstar kids, Founder of 1st EVER Immigrant Mastermind, Marketer & Podcaster. We're looking for another rockstar immigrant entrepreneur to join the IMU Mastermind. Interested? Apply at