This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 11 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  In this episode, I’m starting a series of training podcasts focused around marketing and building your business.  The goal of this mini series is to help you double your business over the next year.  How does that sound?  Great!

So, there are only 3 ways to grow any business:

  1. Increase the number of new customers.
  2. Increase the number of transactions per customer.
  3. Increase the size of the average transaction per customer.

In this mini series, we’re going to focus on increasing the number of new customers and on this call I’m talking about building your customer profile.  Now, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you heard that.  I’m sure you need to know who your customer is, right?  But I have to tell you, after dealing with many clients in 16 different industries, I’m still surprised how many business owners do not have the critical piece figured out.

So, head over to itunes and listen to the episode right now where you’ll discover:

  • 3 types of clients you have in your business and if you don’t know which type of a client you are talking you, you’ll not only miss the sale but push them away from doing business with you now or in the future.
  • The single most important question you need to ask yourself when developing your client profile.  Once you answer this question, you’ll know more about your client than 90% of business owners out there.
  • The demographic and psychographic data you need to create for each client and how to use that data to tap into their mind so you’ll know exactly what they want, hate, love and think.  Imagine being able to know what your client is thinking, would that help you close more deals?  🙂
  • plus more…

So, head over to the Itunes or Stitcher right now and listen to the podcast.  Once you are listen to the episode, remember to review and rate it on Itunes and come back to to download a free copy of the show notes.

Show Notes:

Download the Perfect Client Profile here for FREE! – MastersUnite

Polish Peter
Polish Peter

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