This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 16 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, I have an unbelievable interview with Chris Krimitsos who talks about his Greek uncle and the powerful influence he had on him that shifted his life trajectory and allowed him to build a very successful business.  When you listen to the podcast, you’ll discover…

  • Unbelievable story of how uncle Gus came to United States and started his restaurant from being a busboy, walking to his job for 1 hour, almost going out of business and what shifted that business to become a self-made millionaire.
  • What it means and what it takes to become successful from a Greek Uncle Gus. 🙂  Chris shares his top lessons he learned from his uncle that allowed him to create several very successful businesses.  One piece of advice that Uncle Gus said to Chris that changed his life forever!
  • How his uncle bought an ice cream factory and turned it around in just 18 months from 90 clients to over 900 clients to become the largest ice cream wholesaler in the tri-state area!  Use & listen to this 80/20 lesson from this ice cream factory to fire your clients and double your business!  (You’ll laugh out loud when you hear this lesson, I DID!)
  • Top 3 lessons every person can use in their own lives to become successful with anything they strive for in their life!  These are truly life lessons, not just business lessons that will last you a lifetime!
  • plus much, much more…

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Polish Peter
Polish Peter

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