This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 19 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  That’s right, this podcast is all about helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you.  Now, you may or may not be an immigrant entrepreneur or business owner.  And that’s perfect.

However, on this show, we we talk to, dissect, strategize and get into the minds of Master Immigrants who came here to United States and created a successful life for themselves while impacting the world around them!

On today’s podcast, I decided to dive into something that’s really important.  This podcast is all about busting through and eliminating limiting beliefs.  Why?  Because those beliefs are one of the biggest culprits in stopping you from achieving success whether it’s in your business or personal life.

On today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly are limiting beliefs and how to discover them within your own life.  If you don’t think you have limiting beliefs, think again.  Once you listen to this episode, you’ll discover those hard to find limiting beliefs so you can eliminate them once and for all.
  • How to spot your limiting beliefs not only in your business but in personal life as well.  In fact, your personal life limiting beliefs are a big reason why your business has not grown to where it needs to be.  Listen and do the exercises I share with you to find them and then bust through them!
  • How our brains are wired, structured and how they constantly change and evolve.  That’s right!  Your brain is constantly changing and that’s a good thing.  Learn how it works and use it to your benefit!
  • My 4 step process for going from a limiting belief to an empowered belief.  Once you use this simple 4 step process, you’ll be busting through any limiting belief you may have in your life!
  • plus much, much more…

So, head over to the Itunes or Stitcher right now and listen to the podcast.  Once you are listen to the episode, remember to review and rate it on Itunes and come back to to download a free copy of the show notes.  And remember to listen to the end of the episode where I share how you can have me eliminate your own limiting belief!

Show Notes:

Episode 2 – How to transform anything in your life!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.  See you on the next episode. 🙂

Polish Peter
Polish Peter

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