IMU 056: Making Fear Your Companion: How Nathi Used Self Knowledge & Meditation to Face & Embrace Her Biggest Life Changes!

Does fear ever cripple you?

Does change feel more daunting than exciting?

This is Polish Peter, and welcome to Episode 56 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  Today, I have Nathi Eustaquio from Brazil. An avid advocate for women’s’ rights and a proud immigrant, Nathi is the founder of “Empowering Immigrant Women”.

During her years as a counselor, Nathi found all the instruments and techniques that combined with her experience as an immigrant were the perfect recipe for understanding the struggles lived by immigrant women. Her passion became to help women thrive and remind them how powerful they are.

The passion for feeling empowered and never stopping to learn made Nathi face her fears, start traveling and create her own business. Her love for art inspired her to paint and play the ukulele. You can often find her on a beach in Hawaii, soaking up time with her hubs.

When you listen to this podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • how to see fear as a sign that you’re heading in the right direction
  • how to use self knowledge to gain control of your mind
  • how to see changes not as a liability but as a powerful time where you can seize new opportunities
  • the positive effects of meditation and how to start practicing meditation yourself
  • plus much much more…

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Show notes:

Recommended book:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Connect with Nathi:

Instagram –  coach.nathieustaquio

Nathi on Facebook

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