IMU 049: From Adversity to Success Immigrant Story: How Carlos Beat the Odds On the Streets of Brazil & Became a Powerful High Performance Coach In The USA.


What is your story?  How was your life growing up?  Did you go through a lot of adversity growing up?  Are you still going through adversity?  How would you like to become the next “immigrant adversity to success” story?

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But I divert…onto the actual podcast.

So, we are on Episode 49 of Immigrant Masters Unite and today, I have a very special guest who was born in Brazil.  His name is Carlos Sequira.

Carlos started his entrepreneurial career at 7 years old, selling bread to help his mother pay bills. At 18 years old, Carlos and his mother immigrated to the United States with only $800 between them.

He overcame numerous challenges, eventually becoming a top sales executive at a multinational company. Then one day a personal incident caused him to quit his job, and start down the path of high-performance consulting, speaker, expert trainer, and coach, helping his clients achieve the results they had previously only dreamed about.

When you listen to this episode, you’ll discover…

  • “Live as you have one less day to live.”  What does that phrase mean to you?  Listen to Carlos as he explains what that phrase means to him and how he lives his life.  It’s a powerful way of living your life.
  • How to turn on the switch.  Listen to Carlos as he shares his switch, the stories that he used to tell himself and the stories that he tells himself now and how they changed his life.
  • Do what other won’t do, can’t do or are willing to do.  How Carlos got creative when he was selling bread as a kid back in Brazil and how you can use creativity to beat your competition.
  • How going deep with yourself helps you be able to help someone else.  Why passion and love are so important when it comes to being successful.
  • How to ask better questions to give yourself a better choice in life and business.  What can you do right now?  What is the ONE thing you can focus on right now that other won’t do, can’t do or willing to do?
  • How rituals will change your life.  Listen as Carlos gave 5 different examples of his rituals that he uses in his life towards the end of the podcast.  I challenge you to pick one and apply it to your own life.
  • plus much, much more…

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Show notes:

Recommended books:

“Work like an Immigrant” – by Carlos Siqueira.  You can download 3 chapters for free at

To Reach Carlos:

@CarlosInspire – on Instagram

Powerful Episode Quotes/questions:

What is the ONE thing you can focus on right now that other won’t do, can’t do or willing to do?

Examples of powerful rituals:

  1. Create goals above and beyond yourself.
  2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.
  3. Write down 3 things that are must for you.
  4. Say to yourself 5 times, or even more, with emotion and using your entire body, like Carlos did on the podcast: I am  ______ (fill in the blank) I am ______ (fill in the blank), I am  ______ (fill in the blank), I am ______ (fill in the blank), I am  ______ (fill in the blank). (some fill in the blank words can be “powerful” “unstoppable” “unleashed”)  Pick ones that resonate with you though.
  5. Master your self talk.  Ask better questions.
  6. Celebrate yourself, celebrate everything and pat yourself on the back, literally.


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