This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 13 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  This episode is part of a series of training podcasts focused around marketing and building your business.  The goal of this mini series is to help you double your business over the next year.

If you haven’t seen podcast show notes from episode 11 or episode 12, you should, as this is a crucial step to developing a winning campaign.

Last week, in episode 12, I spoke about creating a perfect offer to help you convert those cold traffic visitors into new buyers.

Today, we’re going to focus on creating what’s called a lead magnet, a free offer that converts cold visitors into a warm traffic of people who will be opening up their wallets to whatever you have to offer them with the tripwire product we discussed last week.

In today’s lesson, you’ll discover:

  • what the lead magnet is and why it’s the first thing your cold traffic needs to see before your product offer.  Use this one strategy and your sales conversion rates will shoot through the roof!
  • the top 8 criteria for developing a powerful lead magnet and the top 3 must have psychological triggers the lead magnet needs to have for successful sales funnel.  One of my clients is using this strategy and so far has generated over 28,000 leads for less than $2 per lead.
  • How to design the lead magnet page and why most website designers get it completely wrong.  When you design the landing page the way I tell you in this episode, you’ll be able to convert as much as 79% of your visitors into leads.
  • plus much, much more…

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Show Notes:

Episode 11 – Creating your Perfect Client Profile

Episode 12 – Creating Your Perfect Offer

The 8 Criteria For Creating Your Perfect Product

Download the Perfect Client Profile here for FREE! – MastersUnite

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