This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 23 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, we are going back to the interviews I have been conducting with some of the most amazing, powerful and transformational business owners and entrepreneurs.

And today, I have Chris Krimitsos who I have already interviewed before on the show.  So, why is he back?  Well, Chris just went on a 2 1/2 week vacation trip to Greece and he brought back with him amazing stories, life and business lessons from one of the oldest cultures in the world.

When you listen to the podcast, you’ll discover…

  • Lessons from one of the oldest cultures in the world.  In fact, the question: “How long have you lived here?” does not exist in Greece!  We’ll hear lessons from thousands of years, back in Sparta times.  Lessons on adversity, kindness and abundance.
  • Powerful stories of kindness, scarcity and abundance.  Listen to Kris talk about how an owner of Balcony Cafe took on 180 degree mindset shift and became one of the most successful restaurant owners on the island in a country that is on a verge of bankruptcy.  Hint: It has to do with being in your client’s listening. 🙂
  • Lessons from ancient language that only 300 people in the entire world can speak today.  Wisdom from 74 year old aunt and the “Sparrow Analogy.”  Once you hear this story, your perception of life and raising successful kids will shift like never before.
  • plus much, much more…

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Make sure you check out Chris’ 2017 Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida on February 23-25, 2016.

Show notes:

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