IMU 041: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Use The 4 Pillars Of Success To Live a Fulfilling Life & How Mikael Used It To Scale His Business to $5,000 Per Day In Revenue.


Have you ever heard of the 4 pillars of success

Do you know how to create a business that supports your life, that crates a fulfilling life?

Do you know how to scale a business to 5, 6 or even 7 figures while it supports your life?

Hey, it’s Polish Peter again and welcome to episode 41 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  Today, I have a great guest, Mikael Dia who spoke about a very important topic, living a fulfilling life while scaling a business to 5, 6 and even 7 figures.

You see, Mikael Dia is a digital marketing expert and founder of Funnelytics, a software company helping entrepreneurs and marketers convert traffic into more profit.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their business in a faster and more efficient way, Mikael developed a simple, visual tool for entrepreneurs and marketers to understand the numbers in their marketing at a glance in order to easily fix the holes and optimize what’s working.

Using this method, Mikael scaled one of his businesses form $2,500 / month to $5,000 dollars per day in revenue, and has helped countless clients grow at a similar quick rate as well.

Mikael has grown his marketing agency, White Coat Digital to over a Million dollars in revenue in just 18 months.

Originally from Montreal, Mikael lives with his wife and 18 month old daughter.

When you listen to this podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why most people don’t actually want to be an entrepreneur and the shift in mindset that will allow you to grow your business.
  • the 4 specific pillars of success that every person has to discover for themselves in order to be successful.  Miss even one of these pillars and you will not be fulfilled in life.  Address all of them and you’ll live the life you always wanted.
  • How to hire, delegate and elevate your team.  This simple process will allow you to hire the best people who will be excited to grow your business and buy into the company culture.
  • The simple, yet very important shift you have to make when it comes to figuring out your “passion.”  It’s not what you think and once you discover it, everything else will be much easier.
  • Plus a powerful quote at the end of the episode and much, much more…

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