Do you know that by using neuroscience, you can transform your business?  

Do you know what’s stopping you in business from achieving great success?

Do you know what stories you keep telling yourself that are stopping you from being successful?  Things like: “I’m not enough, I’m stupid, I’m weird…”  

If you said no to any of these questions, then you have to listen to this podcast.  Because this episode can change how you live your life.  I really believe that.

Hey, it’s Polish Peter again and welcome to episode 46 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  Today, I have another great guest, Dr. Perpetua Neo who is originally from Singapore.  

She has a pretty amazing resume.  She speaks, writes in English and Mandarin-Chinese. She also speaks two Chinese dialects, and some Spanish and Malay/Indonesian.  While sharing her knowledge and helping her clients, Dr. Perpetua draws from her background in Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology and Philosophy.  Her multi-disciplinary work spans Neuroscience, Nutrition, Genetics, Biology and Chemistry.  She’s a self-confessed Geek, and enjoy studying these subjects.

When you listen to this podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • What exactly is Neuroscience and how learning about it, enables you to “know yourself better” to take control of your life.  How your brain constantly evolves whether you are 10 years old or you are 80 years old.
  • How to shift & transform many negative feelings such as anxiety, stress and panic attacks to be happy in the moment and live the life you were always meant to live.
  • How to discover your limiting beliefs and be able to finally explode your success beyond your current limits.  Listen as Dr. Perpetua uses specific examples to illustrate how you can use it in your own life.
  • Do you have physical pains?  Listen to see how you can eliminate physical pain in your body.
  • Step by step process for eliminating anxiety in your life.  Listen to discover how Dr. Perpetua eliminated anxiety in one of his clients by asking a different question.
  • How using your feet will ground you in a way that makes you more productive, creative and unstoppable in your daily life.  Try this one ritual and see for yourself how it uncovers new opportunities and possibilities in your daily life.
  • Plus much, much more…

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Show notes:

Recommended book:

“Count of Monte Cristo” By Alexandre Dumas

To Reach Dr. Perpetua Neo:



Powerful Episode Quotes/questions:

“If you know yourself and you know your opponent, you can win every single battle”  Sun Tsu


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