Have you ever had that experience of only wanting something simple but wake up with something bigger than you have ever dreamed of, let alone planned for?

As if one day you just realize, “When did this get this big? This isn’t what I had in mind…” Yes at the same time, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

After 30 years in America, Atul Vir has over 18 patents and a successful appliance company business. But when he first came to America in 1991, he didn’t intend to start a business. He just wanted to help his wife with the laundry on the weekend.

Assimilating into American culture required him to completely change his mindset. One of the first lessons that he learned is that everything he knew didn’t apply at all in America.

Learning everything new all over again is hard, but his experience in India and Africa helped him see how being an outsider could help him.

When he started his own business, Atul was open to all kinds of possibilities. He rented an office, and then he realized that the more he sat in his office, the less money he made.

I hear this same false idea all the time too. People tell you, “Build a website and you’ll make some money”. That’s not how it works, my friend. You have to make things happen; get out and hustle hard.

When we come into this country, we see a completely different way of looking at American problems. This perspective gives us a chance to see the opportunities that regular Americans don’t see. But beware of legal and cultural issues that you might not know about.

Atul experienced some failure as he dealt with these differences, but today he is happy that he can take what he’s learned and use it to help solve problems in his home country. 

Keep an eye out for Atul’s book, All I Wanted Was to Wear Clean Clothes, which will be released very soon in hard copy and audio book.

What’s Inside:

  • How to find the opportunity in the gap.
  • Lessons that Atul has learned from failures. 
  • The question that helps you become a better innovator.
  • How Atul is giving back and fulfilling a higher purpose.

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