This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 21 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  The only podcast that is focused on helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you.  For the last couple of weeks, I recorded couple of powerful episodes, episode 19 about eliminating limiting beliefs and episode 20 on taking on 100% Responsibility in your life and business!

If you haven’t heard either one of those episodes, I strongly encourage you to go back and listen to them because they will inspire you, empower you and create something completely new in your life that you haven’t seen before.

Today, I want to talk to you about adversity.  It’s a powerful word, right?  And it can be a scary word to a lot of people, especially us immigrants.  Also, if you look in the dictionary or on Google, adversity is defined as:


noun:  adversity; plural noun: adversities
difficulties; misfortune. “resilience in the face of adversity”

Synonyms:  misfortune, ill luck, bad luck, trouble, difficulty, hardship, distress, disaster, suffering, affliction, sorrow, misery, tribulation, woe, pain, trauma; mishap, misadventure, accident, upset, reverse, setback, crisis, catastrophe, tragedy, calamity, trial, cross, burden, blow.


Misfortune, tragedy, misery?  None of this sounds good, does it?

I get it!

Because when we are right in the middle of it, a lot of times, nothing anyone can say will make much difference.  However, adversity can help you become successful?  How?  Listen to this episode and you’ll find out..

On today’s episode 21, you’ll discover:

  • What adversity really means for you and why it’s important that you recognize those moments in your life to gain powerful insights into Who you are!
  • How adversity applies and aligns with Tony Robbins’ 6 Core Human Needs.  If you’ve never heard of the 6 core human needs, prepare yourself to have something brand new open up in your life.  After you listen to this episode, you’ll know your top 2 core human needs and discover why you are the way you are in life and how to set yourself up for success because of that!  By the way, the way you are is perfect! You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the episode.  🙂
  • How to discover your driving force, your BIG AUDACIOUS WHY.  When you get that, nothing in life will be able to stop you.  More importantly, when you apply and use your BIG WHY, nothing in life will be impossible any longer!  How cool is that?
  • plus much, much more…

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Show Notes:

Episode 1 – Immigrant Masters Unite: What, Who and Why You?

Episode 2: How To Transform Anything in Your Life!

Episode 19: How To Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs To Transform Your Life, Your Business & The World Around You!

Episode 20:  100% RESPONSIBILITY – How to Take it, Own It & Use it In Your Life, Business & Relationships To Gain Power, Choice & Success!

Here’s a great video where Tony explain the 6 core human needs.  Check it out:
Tony Robbins 6 Core Human Needs YouTube Video

  1.  Need for Certainty in Life.
  2. Need for Uncertainty in Life.
  3. Need to feel Significant in Life.
  4. Need for Love an Connection in Life.
  5. Need for Growth in Life.
  6. Need for Giving/Contribution in Life.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.  See you on the next episode. 🙂

Polish Peter
Polish Peter

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