IMU 037: How to Simplify Your Life,
Optimize Your Business For Happiness
& LIVE The Life You Always Dreamed Of!

Are you operating your business or life from the ‘space of simplicity’ or the ‘space of complexity’?

Are you stressed, anxious, tired or never have enough time to run your business?

Do you wish you had more time?  If so, then check this out…

Hey, it’s Polish Peter again and welcome to episode 37 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  Today, I have Milana Leshinsky, a powerful immigrant from Ukraine.  Milana is known as a serial entrepreneur and paradigm shifter by many luminaries. She came from Soviet Ukraine 25 years ago as a classical musician with zero knowledge of the business world, and has built multiple six and seven-figure businesses since.

However, things weren’t always great!

Her American dream started in October of 1992, when she stepped off the plane Kiev – New York. Equipped with a music teaching degree and a 90-day crash course in English, she was ready for whatever she had to do to survive in this new world.

Everything she learned about America came from the Soviet newspapers in the 80s, so she spent my first few years in awe and wonder. Giving piano lessons at $6 an hour wasn’t going to feed her family, so she enrolled herself in college and graduated with a four-year degree as a computer programmer. Now she had everything she needed to be successful in America, or did she?.

Today, Milana is passionate about showing entrepreneurs how to use simplicity as a growth strategy and say goodbye to complexity and overwhelm.

When you listen to this podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • What does it really mean to have simplicity in business and in life and how we, humans over complicate our world.  With everything that is going on in our lives, it’s so easy to get bogged down and complicate our lives which sometimes leads to stress and anxiety.
  • What are some of the signs that will show you that your life is not simplified and you are heading in a wrong direction. Milana shared some of the roadblocks she had to overcome.  More importantly, you can take her lessons and apply them to your own life.
  • How to deal and overcome anxiety and worry that many of us have as part of our lives.   In fact, at 22 min mark, Milana shared how we should build our business.  She ended up walking away from a 1.4 million dollar in revenue business she co-created because she build her business for the wrong reasons.
  • Tips and strategies for creating a simplified life and simplified business.  Once you know yourself, once you know what you love and do well, you can re-purpose your strengths and what you love doing to channel that so you’ll not only work less but you’ll be happy living your life.

So, head over to the Itunes or Stitcher right now and listen to the podcast. Once you listen to the episode, share it with others who you think would benefit from this episode.  And as always, thank you for listening to my podcast.  As of this release, my podcast is ranking #1 for the following searches:

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Also, episode #26 with Rod Khleif is ranking 5th for “Immigrant Success” and I say the guy is pretty damn successful.

Lastly, I’m ranking at #3, #5, #7 & #9 for podcast episodes on “Immigrant business” so thank you Carissa Hill episode at #3, Kamila Gornia episode #35 at #5 spot, my own #1 episode where I reveal my story at #7 spot and how to transform your life #2 episode at #9 spot.

Obviously, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the awesome guests I have had so far. So, thank yo to all of the people who contributed. I can’t thank you enough including (in no particular order) Joachim Jack Bosch, Larry Loik, Colin Andrews, Chris Krimitsos, Adam Lewis Walker, Adam Urbanski, Esther Kiss, Ravi Jayagopal, Anthony Amos, Lily Wong, Andrey Sokurec, Eric Willner, Sheila Farragher-Gemma, Daniil Kleyman, Tim Mai.

I know I’m not hitting the million downloads YET and this isn’t the top of iTunes charts but to me, that’s a win! Love it! It keeps me going, keeps me moving forward and one day, this podcast will be at the top of the charts!

Why? Because it helps people!


Listen at the 37 min mark as I share a powerful quote that has had a big impact on my and my business.  Make sure you listen to it as it has the possiblity of giving you an AHA moment! 🙂

Show notes:

Recommended books:

“Pillars of the earth” by Ken Follett

A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston

Here’s how you can reach Milana:

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