IMU 038: How Carolin Soldo, a German Immigrant, Tapped Into The Power of Passion To Go From Losing 80 lbs. To Getting Her First 4,000 Clients For Her Coaching Business!

What if I told you that in order to reach the level of success that you truly desire, you need to have a BURNING PASSION? And what if I told you that the process to discover that passion, whether it’s passion in life or passion in business, is fairly simple?  And what if I told…

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IMU 037: How to Simplify Your Life,
Optimize Your Business For Happiness
& LIVE The Life You Always Dreamed Of!

Are you operating your business or life from the ‘space of simplicity’ or the ‘space of complexity’? Are you stressed, anxious, tired or never have enough time to run your business? Do you wish you had more time?  If so, then check this out… Hey, it’s Polish Peter again and welcome to episode 37 of…

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IMU 036: Top 3 Areas Carissa Hill Focuses On When Scaling Businesses & Why Ignoring Them Will Lead a Business To a Slow Death!

What if I told you that in order to succeed in business, in order to scale your business to 6,7 figures, you have to focus on 3 primary areas of your business? And what if I told you that anybody can do this, anyone can build a successful business? And what if I told you…

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IMU 035: How a Polish Immigrant Who Grew Her First Business To 40K Views in 5 Months When She Was Only 12, Scales Businesses Using a Little Known Telesummit Formula!

What if I told you that a Polish Immigrant girl who came to US when she was only 13 was able to start her own business without using a credit card, without a huge following, without Facebook or any other fancy marketing strategy to a tune of 40K views in the first 5 months?  Would…

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IMU 034: How a Polish Immigrant Used His
5C Method To Build a 7 Figure Business
With Only $194 in His Pocket!”

What if I told you that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business? What if I told you that your only “real” limitations for starting and creating a 7 figure business are between your 2 ears? Hey, this is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 34 of Immigrant Masters Unite.  On…

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connect with influencers by Esther Pinky Kiss

IMU 033: Esther ‘Pinky’ Kiss Shares Her Publicity Secrets For How To Get On TV, Connect With Influencers & Create Constant Publicity, Even When You’re Nobody!

What if I told you that you can connect with influencers, create constant publicity and get on TV to market yourself or your business & stay there, even if you’re nobody? What if I told you that today’s guest was able to do just that?  In fact, she was able to book Gary Vaynerchuk on…

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IMU 032: How a Danish Immigrant Overcame His Sabotaging Beliefs To Create a 7 Figure Holistically Based Software Company!

What if I told you that anyone, including you, can overcome sabotaging beliefs?  What if I told you that you have the power to overcome any and all beliefs and expectations you have gathered throughout life? And what if I told you that you can make that switch at anytime, even when you feel like…

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colombian immigrant success story

IMU 031: How a Colombian Immigrant Went From a Struggling Construction Helper
To a Successful REI Business Owner
Having 100% Of His Deals Funded!

What if I told you that I have a Colombian immigrant success story you’ll love to hear? What if I told you that there’s no language barrier?  What if I told you that an immigrant from Colombia who struggled paying his bills is now a successful real estate business owner where all of his deals…

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IMU 030: Adam Lewis Walker Reveals His
3 Step Formula To Awaken Your Alpha State
& Reach Your BIG Hairy Goals… Every Time!

What would you do if you knew you could access a brand new state of productivity, accomplishment and success, a level, when accessed, allows you to reach every single goal you set for yourself, even those BIG hairy goals?  What would you do? And what if I told you that you already have that state…

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IMU 029: Ravi Jayagopal, Co-founder of DAP, Shares Lessons Building Membership Site with 26k+ Clients & The Power of Active Thinking.

Why is it that some people become successful in life despite constantly having to overcome crazy obstacles?  And how do they come up with those creative solutions to overcome those obstacles?  More importantly, how do they take powerful actions despite being knocked down in life? Today, I want you to meet Ravi Jayagopal, a successful…

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